Volleyball Drama

Game 1 of Season 79 Finals ended with a heartbreaking but well fought battle for the Ateneo Eagles but the Lady Eagles are positively moving on from their loss. 

Promising to bounce back and win the remaining games until the Game 3 of the Finals which fortunately the day of the Ateneo Lady Eagles’ team captain Julia Melissa Morado. 

Which team will be claiming the tittle of this Season 79 volleyball championship?

Will the La Salle defend their title? or Will the Ateneo gain their most awaited third championship in the history?

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Game On

Ateneo-La Salle rivalry in Women’s Volleyball of Season 79 as they faced in the Finals Game 1 gave me chills and heartpumping feeling.

I’m rooting for the Ateneo Lady Eagles to win the championship despite losing the first match up with their rivals in the finals game. 
My confidence and prayer will be for them to win the championship this year. Stay strong girls.

Applause to the efforts of both teams for giving us a great game despite of all controversies. To the players, Gizelle Tan who gave her best knowing that being the libero is one of the hardest and most important jobs on the floor, Bea de Leon who I felt the sadness the most and did her job with utmost effeciency through her blocks, quick plays and that BEAstly presenc of her in the court, Jhoana Maraguinot who never stopped doing what she did best which is soaring ang providing points for the team despite of wrong and no calls during the game, Jia Morado who uplift the team’s morale, doing her job in the most amazingly possible despite of poor reception and being the emotional anchor of the team, Michelle Morente who is all over the floor that gave her triple double performance in the crucial game of the team, I hope that the team will maximize their strong points which is their offense because I believe that the strong defense is offense.


I am one of the people who believe in the potentials and abilities of the Ateneo Lady Eagles and respect the fair game with their opponents espcially the La Salle Lady Spikers.


Postgame Analysis: The Review of University of the Philippines Women’s Volleyball Tournament for Season 79

Postgame Analysis: The Review of University of the Philippines Women’s Volleyball Tournament for Season 79

University of the Philippines (UP) Lady Maroons against De La Salle University (DLSU) Lady Spikers

UP is a young team composed of Estranero (setter) a Molde (spiker), Bersola (middle blocker), Carlos (spiker), Buitre (middle blocker, spiker), Tiamzon (spiker) and Dorog (spiker converted to libero) majority of the starting line-up were not as experienced as compared to the other teams like DLSU. During the Season 78, UP squad were the dark horse that shocked the public for the great potential found in rookie players in the likes of Isa Molde and Diana Carlos. This promising team is headed by Estranero who is currently the setter of the team and Jerry Yee who is the team’s coach.

UP Lady Maroons went against the defending champion DLSU Lady Spikers with the starting line ups: Fajardo (setter), Baron (middle blocker), Dy (spiker), Cheng (spiker), Ogunsanya (middle blocker and returning player), Tiamson (spiker) and Macandili (libero).

Breaking down the set 1 of DLSU vs. UP

Set 1 Highlights of the game

In the first point of the set, the Lady Maroons came up with a combination play placing the quick attack in the center where Bersola faked and Tiamzon for the kill. UP gained 4 in the first few munite of the game while 1 point was given to DLSU in an attack error made by UP. Powerful serve was evident in the service of Bersola but that doesn’t stop the Lady Spikers as Baron stopped the bleeding with a quick play. Ogunsansya is contributing to the DLSU team through offensive blocks while UP has Bersola to guard the net. UP got the first technical timeout with 8-4.

During the first half of the game, UP just played the basics and hit powerful spikes even in their service and its too much for La Salle to handle as they can’t get a good first ball for the Fajardo to set making the team to commit errors.

Buitre is also making her presence felt after a few service aces. Tiamzon is playing smart volleyball by having off the block points. Estranero has good reflexes and reaction to the ball. One thing that contributes to UP pulling away from DLSU is the service errors committed by DLSU everytime the momentum shift to their side which is an easy point for the UP. Aside from that, the fact that when long rallies are being made by both teams DLSU tend to break easily by committing unforced errors. UP has also their fair share of unforced errors despite leading with 6 points, they gave away few and easy points for DLSU to came back and the coaching staff didn’t like that. As UP, you have to control your errors and don’t let the DLSU build their confidence and momentum because when they does they can really come back big. As DLSU, you don’t want to rely on the errors made by the opposing team and start working on the offence as well as limiting unforced errors as much as possible.

The floor defense of both teams were good but DLSU seems to be unorganized and empty spaces were so much for a person to cover whenever long rally arises while UP on the other hand is a bit organized in term of their positions. The UP setter uses variations in terms of ball distribution and straightforward giving of the ball but you can see a raw potential in her. Fajardo is doing all things including spikes and blocks for her team aside from setting the ball which is bit tough because of their first ball problems. Ernestine Tiamzon of DLSU is backing up Kim Dy in closing in the gap scored by UP. But UP team is still maintaining the 3 point advantage until the end with a block point to close the set 25-22.

Stay tuned for set 2 and 3.


UP topped after defeating UST

University of the Philippines topped the current standing of the UAAP Season 79 of women’s volleyball tournament after defeating the University of Sto. Tomas in a 3-1 game.

The scores were 25-22, 25-22, 31-29, 25-19 in the first, second, third and fourth set respectively. 

Every set was close and long rally was given by both teams but it came down to unforced errors in the crucial moments of the game. 

UP is on the top spot with 4-0 as the contender National University,3-0, will about to take on the defending champion the De La Salle. 

UP dominated the win against the defending champs, DLSU

University of the Philippines Lady Maroons suit up to go against the defending champion, De La Salle Lady Spikers and won 3 straight sets.

The more improved and composed UP Maroons faced DLSU and got a pretty good start which boosted their morale having a big lead entering the first technical time-out.

DLSU regrouped and gained the much needed points but it was towards the end of the game where UP is only 3points away from taking the first set which they eventually did leaving DLSU with the score of 22.

The second set was closed enough that you would think that the defending champion would bounce back but it was too much pressure to handle, 25-21.

The third set was a crucial and nerve breaking moment. It was the likes of Tiamson, Buitre, Carlos and Molde who were the source of fire power for the UP squad. 

The captain of DLSU squad salvage what’s left by doing all the work including spiking and attacking which is far from her position as setter but there were too much errors in the later part of the game in the crucial points cost them the match, 25-19.