Volleyball Drama

Game 1 of Season 79 Finals ended with a heartbreaking but well fought battle for the Ateneo Eagles but the Lady Eagles are positively moving on from their loss. 

Promising to bounce back and win the remaining games until the Game 3 of the Finals which fortunately the day of the Ateneo Lady Eagles’ team captain Julia Melissa Morado. 

Which team will be claiming the tittle of this Season 79 volleyball championship?

Will the La Salle defend their title? or Will the Ateneo gain their most awaited third championship in the history?

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Game On

Ateneo-La Salle rivalry in Women’s Volleyball of Season 79 as they faced in the Finals Game 1 gave me chills and heartpumping feeling.

I’m rooting for the Ateneo Lady Eagles to win the championship despite losing the first match up with their rivals in the finals game. 
My confidence and prayer will be for them to win the championship this year. Stay strong girls.

Applause to the efforts of both teams for giving us a great game despite of all controversies. To the players, Gizelle Tan who gave her best knowing that being the libero is one of the hardest and most important jobs on the floor, Bea de Leon who I felt the sadness the most and did her job with utmost effeciency through her blocks, quick plays and that BEAstly presenc of her in the court, Jhoana Maraguinot who never stopped doing what she did best which is soaring ang providing points for the team despite of wrong and no calls during the game, Jia Morado who uplift the team’s morale, doing her job in the most amazingly possible despite of poor reception and being the emotional anchor of the team, Michelle Morente who is all over the floor that gave her triple double performance in the crucial game of the team, I hope that the team will maximize their strong points which is their offense because I believe that the strong defense is offense.


I am one of the people who believe in the potentials and abilities of the Ateneo Lady Eagles and respect the fair game with their opponents espcially the La Salle Lady Spikers.


Fangirling vs Analyzing

I’ve been so focused on my studies nowadays and I haven’t made much time in blogging but due torecent event in the field of UAAP Volleyball where the rivalry continues I came to support the Lady Eagles and will be cheering on them all the way.

I named this blog sports analysis but I’m not only analyzing games here rather I do have other things to say and advocacies to promote thus I added the “and beyond ” phrase to encompass things like this.

Fangirling is real. Analyze the game later.

Small Talks

Women’s Volleyball Finals of UAAP Season 79 is few days away and this is the time where players will be needing all the encouragement before going to that Finals court. 

I’ve been an Ateneo fan for as long as I can remember. I’ve watched players grow and make their own names in the court. I became a fan not because of certain players but because of teamwork and on how the team crawled its way up. I also have been a varsity athlete for 4 years and my journey was just like the Ateneo Lady Eagles.
This is why I decided to post this message hoping that the team I’m rooting for will have the emotional strength they need.
When the year of Gretchen Ho, Fille Cainglet, Angeline Gervacio, Jem Ferrer and Bea Tan ended their UAAP career, the likes of Jia Morado, Michelle Morente, Jhoanna Maraguinot lead by Alyssa Valdez came into the picture. The following year when the Thailand coach, Anusorn Bundit, lead the team it was the year when Ateneo first have the UAAP Championship Title and it is no secret. The victory was followed by its 2nd championship until the year when Alyssa Valdez, Amy Ahomiro, Ella de Jesus and Denise Lazaro graduated and they lost the championship to their rival, La Salle. 

This year spectators doubted the girls in saying they are not a final four contender but I didn’t lost faith in them.

Jia when first played as the rookie setter in Ateneo, I admired her bravery and heartstrong committment to the team. Her composure and leadership along with her trusts and plays given to her teammates made me love her more. I hope that Jia will hold on to the feeling when she first got the acknowledgement she deserved to boost her confidence. Be humble as you are and never lose faith in your teammates. 

Mich is one of the players that is doing it all. Her energy inside the court that radiates to her teammates and infects them with her playfulness to lighten the mood of the team. It is important to have that kind of person in the floor who reminds the players to play their game and put the pressure aside knowing that too much pressure hinders the performance of an athlete. In the incoming game, I hope that Mich will be her playful and bright self first and foremost in order to deliver her full potential during the games. Cheer-up and do what you always do, Attack and Defend.

Jho is one of the players who felt the pressure of stepping-up for team because it is expected of her. I saw her ups and downs during her career, how she overcame all of it and I’m proud of her because of that.  I believe that confidence is one of the factors that greatly affects players and Jho one of those. I hope that Jhoanna will not doubt herself. We, your fans, believe in you. You have to believe it yourself that you can do it all with God’s grace and it will be given to you. Don’t let other people criticisms get into you because they don’t know your story. You have your team to watch your back so do what you do best, Soar high, do that wise and power spike.

I may not be the person in position to say those things since I don’t know you personally but I feel like an older sister giving advice to my younger siblings so just bear with me. 
Every player has there own strengths and weaknesses but what matter most is how you channel an make us of these in order to achieve your goal. Go ATENEO. ONE BIG FIGHT. 

credit photos to GetBlued.


Rivals wearing blue and green will again face each other in the last round of elimination for the first spot upon entering the final four of the season.

Will the Ateneo Lady Eagles defeat again the La Salle Lady Spikers or will the latter prove that they were the defending champions? 

Watch-out for tgeir gane this Saturday, April 8, 2017. 

Heated Action

UAAP Season 79 Women’s Volleyball is so intense that the 6 teams are fighting to be in the top 4. The Ateneo de Manila Lady Eagles lead the pack with 10-2 followed by the De la Salle Lady Spikers with 9-2.

Four teams namely, University of Sto. Tomas, University of the Philippines, National University and Far Eastern University are head to head in getting the remaining two slots. 

There are two games still that these teams will be playing and they will be facing each other which is a must win for these 4 teams to secure a spot in the Top Four.

Two Faced Perspective: Student Athletes

In the Philippines, volleyball popularity began to rise and with this the public is keeping their eyes on their favorites especially now that there is a selection of the national team.

Volleyball athletes are one way or another played in to represent their respective schools. Some athletes started as young as elementary and others were already in highschool. These players were recruited to be part of big universities like those in the UAAP, NCAA that gets television coverage during their games or other universities like in SCUAA and PRISAA. These players that enter collegiate volleyball and representing their respective schools are varsity scholars. They have to work hard in the sport as well as in their academic performance. 

Being a student athlete is not easy. You have to weigh your priorities. School works versus the practices. Games versus Exams are common questionable which is hard to ignore. Seeing that the public now are clamoring over the decision of Ateneo Eagles that they were torn between being in the national with 100% commitment or to continue the rally towards championship in the current UAAP. People criticises them that they’re were also players that are in the UAAP and student too but then they already committed to the national team. First, they may have different courses and one may be demanding in terms of time and effort over the other. Second, the national team is short on the time preparation for the international tournament and they need all the players to be present every practice but since there is an ongoing UAAP more practice sessions will be made and hectic as their schedule is that may mean overfatigue. Third, they presented this topic so that if the national team coaches and staff are still willing to make arrangements with them despite their concerns then they will definitely feel relieved. Lastly, it is every athletes’ dream to represent the country in international tournaments. Athletes in the UAAP also felt the same. Playing their favorite sport and meeting their idols in volleyball are consolation prices as I call it. When the UAAP championship is over I know that 100% commitment will be given by student athletes to the national team. You can’t disregard the thought that these UAAP players prepared for months after the season to come back strong in the next and eventually win the championship would readily set aside the hardwork that they made in order to attain where they are today. We are not the ones who are in position to tell who are deserving or not. We are fans, enthusiasts and critics but we are not in the field like coaches do. We just know the performance of a player but the process is also important which we often not see.

This is true in the case of Roselle Baliton of the University of the East Lady Warrior when she got chosen to be in the national women pool as a setter. The process of converting a middle blocker to a setter is not easy but then Baliton step-up her game and improved. Yes, She may not be the Jia Morado kind of setter but Baliton must have something to offer that the coaching staff saw and would fit the team they were making. Baliton is also a student athlete and having received so much hate and bashes is degrading enough to the morale of tye player not to mention the emotional and paychological stress that comes with it. Baliton is an example of an athlete trying to give a shot on her dream to be part of the national team and pursuing it despite of what others says. She was chosen and she is now living her dreams. This will serve as a motivation for Baliton to prove her worth by showing how well she improved and play her A game in the upcoming games. To the critics, fans and bashers who disapproved Baliton as the setter for the national team, just stop now. The coaching staffs are creating a team that will represent the country and all we have to do is support them and the players. Let us unite under the banner of our nation and acknowledge that we have strong players and that we have a chance to have a podium finish.