On Higher Ground

​I have the opportunity to climb the peak of the mountain which took us about 4 hours just to get there. The path was to steep and nerve-wrecking but it was a satisfying experience. 
We climb there on Lenten Season, time for reflection, and I did. The experience was so memorable to me because that was the first time I engaged in an activity after I got injured with an ACL. Also we met our housemaid (back when we were young) living in the small barangay near the peak of the mountain. 

It made me realize a lot of things especially on Family and People. 


  • I came there with my family and relatives. We’re the young ones getting excited with the trip to a place we never imagined going. With us are our parents, uncles and aunts, they were also taking on the challenge of climbing there despite their age and numerous reasons not to. Being with Family makes the climb bearable. Family tend to encourage one another and lift each other up (figuratively and literally speaking). Family is an important component of life that we tend to neglect but it is on of the things that is constant in a changing world. 


  • As I mentioned earlier, We met our ex-housemaid. We spent almost 3 years with her taking care of my younger sibling among other things. We liked her since she was one of those who lasted more than a month (believe me it’s a very short list) but due to the request of her father she went back home to marry the one her father had arranged for her. She was from a mountainous area from our town and there she was in a mountainous area of another town. She was happy as we was seeing her. Now, she has 5 children and she’s working with her husband in the other side of the mountain. Seeing and experiencing a bit of their life made me think that there were still unfortunate people who were deprived of access to health care, to a nearby school since her eldest child had to walk for an hour or so just to reach the bottom of the mountain to go to school in the next barangay, and access to opportunities that may elevate the quality of life they had. At the same time, I felt that they were perks of having a lif such a theirs. One of those is the cold and pure water coming from the springs, bountiful harvest of crops that they grew there and the clean air that I surely miss. They have a simple life and have simple dreams. I hope that most people would realize that there were others such as Manang (who we call her) that lived with even less than what we normally have. We should be thankful for what we have and appreciate the strength of people despite of adversities or unfortunate circumstances.

God really do wonders in things even if we least expect it. More than reaching the peak and seeing the magnificent view from above, I gained experiences, learnings, realizations and most of all seeing a familair face in an unexpected place. This makes me believe in more on God, family and people.



Making Memories

Study and Tour tells us that there is life outside medicine and that students should spend time not only in studying but also with family and friends. 


We are all living in an ever changing world. They say that the best species will remain not because of their size or weight but because of their capacity to adapt. 

This is why adaptation is important to survival. And to adapt means you make use of what you have and where you are living in order to sustain life.

Your will to survive will play its part when you least expect it. Be this plant that blooms despite of all the struggles it experience and its ability to adapt and survive.

High Hopes

Even when I was a kid, I dreamed of going to different places and meeting new people. 

Then, there comes school which opened my mind to art, architecture, culture, language and appreciation of sceneries.

I told myself that one day I’ll travel the world. I was amazed and still am by the beauty of nature here in the different islands of the Philippines. 

Aside from traveling on my home nation, I would like to go to South Korea  because of KPOP phenomenon, to experience their culture and hoping to meet Kpop stars and groups.

Europe is also on the top of my list because of its scenic views, culture and art, architecture and because the I would like to know more about the history, food, flora and fauna of the different places in Europe. I would also like to explore the flower and perfume industry of the countries in Europe. 

Though I’m a little short on money and time because of school, I’m looking forward to my future trip. I have high hopes that I’ll be able to make one of my dreams come true.

Palarong Pambansa in Antique

The annual national sporting event in the Philippines popularly known as Palarong Pambansa will be hosted by the Province of Antique in the year 2017.

Palarong Pambansa is a venue where different region of the country is competing against each other in the various sports.

The said event will be held in the Lone Province of Antique situated in the Island of Panay.

Antique is composed of 18 municipalities. San Jose de Buenavista is the center of business and commerce, the home of the provincial capitol and government offices.

The province has a lot to offer in terms of tourism aside from the sporting venues.