And Beyond

Let’s take a break from sports news and updates and appreciate what Mother Nature is giving us. 

Flowers bloom when they felt warm and supported by the environment they live in. Just like humans, the surrounding play a role in molding the personality and well being of an individual.

Let’s stop abuse of any forms and promote healthy and good relationship with one another because together we can do great things.


Gotta Know This

I came across this plant which catches my attention in my father’s backyard. I asked him the name of this plant but I’m still puzzled by the kind of it that I forget the local term. 

Even though my I knew what is its local term, I need the international or even the scientific name of this to research more about this beautiful and intriguing creature.


We are all living in an ever changing world. They say that the best species will remain not because of their size or weight but because of their capacity to adapt. 

This is why adaptation is important to survival. And to adapt means you make use of what you have and where you are living in order to sustain life.

Your will to survive will play its part when you least expect it. Be this plant that blooms despite of all the struggles it experience and its ability to adapt and survive.

Light My Night

As the idiom goes, “Burn your midnight candle” which means study hard, spent the time to work hard even in the night. 

I may not be using a candle but I’m pretty sure lamp will do given that electricity is available.

My night may be as dark as black but a single shed of light is all I need to know that darkness can disappear when the bright light steps in.