I’ve been following this girl group called TWICE since their Sixteen days. I’ve watched them grow into what they are today. I also watched my roommate fell in love with these girls to the point that she’ll buy their albums and lightsticks to support these girls. I too support them but I’m in the side to thriftiness when it comes to money matters. 

Whenever the merchandized bought by my roommate arrives, she share it with me and I’m grateful for it. We both enjoyed the music that Twice made.



Sports Photography 

In medicine, we are taught to be well grounded individuals which is we have sporting events aside from weekdays exams and lectures.
Due to my knee injury, I can no longer play basketball, football and softball but this doesn’t stop me from going to sports events and watch the games cause instead of playing I took photos of my classmates during their games.

I’m new to photography using digital cameras with manual lens focus (is it called DSLR camera) which I borrowed from brother. It means it’s my first time taking photos in a moving subjects and in sports. I instrumented a little on how things works as I recall what my brother told me and viola I get these photos.

I took these photos using manual setting. This may not be the best photos but I’m happy with these and hoping to improve more in the future. I’m looking forward to opportunities like this to practice my photography skills. Who knows I can be a photographer of sports companies or even newspaper and magazines.

Part of You

A friend of mine went to South Korea and brought me a present. 

South Korea has a part in my heart. Kpop groups and dramas showed me that despite language barriers we can still understand and be understood.
Having a piece of that place makes my heart flutter with joy. It may seem simple but a gift is a gift no matter how it is. It is the thought that counts.

And Beyond

Let’s take a break from sports news and updates and appreciate what Mother Nature is giving us. 

Flowers bloom when they felt warm and supported by the environment they live in. Just like humans, the surrounding play a role in molding the personality and well being of an individual.

Let’s stop abuse of any forms and promote healthy and good relationship with one another because together we can do great things.

Gotta Know This

I came across this plant which catches my attention in my father’s backyard. I asked him the name of this plant but I’m still puzzled by the kind of it that I forget the local term. 

Even though my I knew what is its local term, I need the international or even the scientific name of this to research more about this beautiful and intriguing creature.