Who Won Game 1?

This is an exciting year for the NBA Finals. First, we have Game 7 in both the Eastern and the Western Conference Finals. Then, Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Caveliers faced each other again after a dramatic Game 7 in both conferences.

Now, the Game 1 is the testing waters for them despite the fact that they played each other in the season but this time it is a game of strategies and stepping to a familiar but rapidly changing environment that they have to adapt in order to survive.

In the end, Golden State Warriors adapted and won Game 1 of the NBA Finals. 

Stay tuned for Game 2 of the Finals.


Finals Series

With two games done in a best of four series of the NBA Finals between Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, the public is now tensed on how the Cavaliers will come back from a deficit. 

Golden State emerged victorious after the first game match up with the Cavs. In their second game, the Warriors proved that they can take the Cleveland with a convincing victory. 

Now that the game three is on the Cavaliers home court, will the Cleveland team bring down the Warriors and achieved their first win of the series?Will the Warriors continue to dominate the series with another will?

One thing is for sure the Finals will be an exciting experience for both teams and fans.

For the Game

Rooting for Golden State Warriors for the finals against the East. With what they are playing I think there is a big chance that it will happen.

On the other hand, I wanted the game in the Western play off to be exciting as possible but the Spurs undermanned playing its a bit disappointing. Though you can see how the Spurs showing resilence but man the Warriors are showing variety of offense-defense tactics with great execution maintaining double digits advantage mostly during the whole first half.

Having Children

I came across the quotation ” having one child makes you a parent but having two children makes you a referee.”

I’ll add to that. Having three or four children makes you conductor of a trio or a quartet. Having five children makes you a basketball coach. Six children makes you a volleyball coach, seven you will have a libero in a volleyball team. Having eight does you one less than to be in a softball team. Nine makes your team complete. And ten makes you a coach of a full line-up basketball team with second stringers.

This is what children make of you. To be an all around parent to be able to provide what they need and hone their potential on what they can achieve.

Thompson Got The Half

Golden State Warriors faces Indiana Pacers with 80-50 by the end of the first half with Klay Thompson obtaining 40pts on December 6, 2016. 
During the first quarter, it is evident that Stephen Curry is well guarded and thus creating opportunity to his team members to step-up.

And his “Splash Brother” Klay Thompson got the message and perform well in the said quarter.

With the help of Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and other Warriors, fast break play of Klay Thompson was raining. The team got 15 assists in the end of the first quarter. 

Klay Thompson was unstoppable and gained 40 pts by the end of 2nd quarter. Half of the points of his team in the game by the end of the second half was his.