Beyond: K-Drama

Ruler of the Mask is a masterpiece. The storyline is just like any other traditional drama but what facinates me the most is the character development and the pace of the story. 

It’s so natural and not forced on how the pace of the story goes which shows that the writers, producers and directors did a great job. The drama showed that every moment is essential and you have to watch every scene because you might miss something if you didn’t that is what this drama is giving me.

Kudos to the actors and actresses who did a great job in portraying each character. It’s not over the top kind of acting or an overkill type but a just amount of emotions needed to touch the viewers hearts and it did. I like the way each characters get to develop at the same time. With the first 2 episodes so far, the viewers got the gist of what will happen but still be amazed on how the story unfolds. 

It’s hard to compare this to other traditional drama since they all have their own strong points but so far Ruler of the Mask is one of those on the top of the list. I’m hoping to see more of this and keep up the amazing work. Fighting.


Movie Lover

I have watch this movie and I’m loving it. This is one of those movies which I was excited ever since I watched the trailer. 

The most anticipated movie and it didn’t fall short of my expectation. The actors and actresses were great. The story was okay but the writers made sure that the movie is interesting and it was, even better.

Usually when I watch movies I predict what will happen about the story as if I’m the writer and the director at the same time. I got the twist wrong (slightly wrong if that even matter). Anyways, I have a great time watching.

These two got chemistry and I liked that the girl is not the typical soft and damsel in distress. The guy also cool in a lot of ways.

Looking forward to movies like this.

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Mr. Church 

I am a fan of Eddie Murphy because of the quality and story his movies. I equate his image in the movies he made as humorous and compelling. 

As far as I know, I’ve watched almost if not all of his movies and he is versatility shows in movies like this among others.

Since his movie Mr. Church has recently been released I’ll talk about it more because of the fact that it awaken different emotions. I applause the director, producer and writers of this piece which I believe is one of the best movie there is about equality, respect and love of all forms. 

Believe me when I say that only a few movies left me crying and some would ache my heart as I hold back tears (because that’s my cycle I try to hold back years as much as I could but if all fails I’ll be crying even after the movie ends) and Mr. Church came close to it and its a complement. 

The story depicts the story of a girl who loves her mother to the point of hating her for leaving. A girl who hate the new and only cook they have. It is about Friendship, Changes, Love and Respect which presents in various forms. I highly recommend this movie.