Sports of Chess

Some would say chess is not a sport. It is just a game that players would move their pieces and nothing else. It’s not a tiring game unlike other sports that you always have sweats after every game. It isn’t that hard , all you have to do is to to know the basics which includes the movement of the pieces and the goal of the game. Anybody can do that. Chess isn’t special not even a sport so why play? Some would laugh most of the time and agree with what is being said by others who doesn’t know how the Game of Chess works.

Yes , I would say chess is not a sport because chess is a lifestyle. It is a game where players move their pieces through their minds. Isn’t it amazing? It is not tiring but it really is draining. The feeling that only the chess enthusiasts have the previlege. It isn’t hard because it is nerve wrecking. The basics of chess pieces movement require a day or two know and get the hang of it but to master it requires years of practice. The goal on the other hand is simple to capture the king of the opponent. Simple right? Now, the real question there is how? Anybody can do that, thinking, but can you execute it well enough to have the result according to plan? Can anybody adapt to everchanging possibilities? I don’t think so.

Yes, chess isn’t special because it is more than that. It is the backbone of all sports games. Its principles can be applied to all kind of sports. Why play? We don’t. We live.

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