Where’s Justice?

On the news, there were people who talks about the actions that should be made on rape victims. One of which is to marry the accused. Where’s justice in that?

Mostly rape victims are at the age where they felt helpless and vulnerable and the age group is much lower than that of the one commiting the crime. Doing something against your will especially if brutal force is involved can traumatize a person or can lead to its death upon refusal.

It is the whole process of the act and what comes next is the truama of being a rape victim. It is a serious problem and can lead to depression, suicide and other mental health diseases. Where’s justice in that?

If law makers think that a victim being married to the rapist will have the happily ever after moment, maybe we must subject those law makers first to psychological test to prove their sanity and being fit for their job because other lives depends on what they are making. 

These rape victims deserve justice. A freedom to choose whom they marry and to see their perpetruators behind bars. Freedom to accept or reject any aftermath effects of the act and be supported by the society they lived in without judgement. 
Where’s Justice? Who knows where but one thing is certain, we need it now.


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