Betrayal of Public Trust

Philippines is a sovereign country and continued to be. This is because despite of political differences and views they compromise at the middle and work together in facing the issues that may come along the way. 

Due to recent turn out of the events where the Vice President of the Philippines talked badly about the country she represent in front of the United Nation which comprises international communities, many Filipinos felt that the move of the VP is irresponsible and a betrayal of public trust. 

If a government official is not in favor of the methods of the higher ranking official, I believed that he/she must addressed the latter, talked things out and come to a common ground before talking to the media and even to other nations. Protecting the international image of the country is as important as having respect to the people who voted for you. 

In the Philippines however, the most powerful authority there is not the government officials but the persons who paid for their campaigns. Those who belong in the wealthy families were silently pulling the strings in the government. But the moment the current President Rodrigo Dueterte sat into office, the existence of the “strings and puppets” of the so-called oligarchs is threatened. This is why drastic and irresponsible actions are taken by the forces who wanted to take hold of the authority in the government which they no longer have since the President Dueterte refused to be one of the puppets that they can manipulate.

I felt sorry for those “strings and puppets” because they’re like drowning in the ocean they can’t swim their way out and having to gasp for breath just to sustain their existence which won’t last for long. 

The mere presence of the politicians in the government who belong to “strings and puppets” are betrayal of public trust even more if you badmouth your country in front of international relations. 


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