Moral Lesson

“Always be prepared.” I often heard this sentence during camping days of my girl scout years.

I had been a girl scout for about 12 years and underwent every stage of it.  It became a habit of mine to bring necessary things to wherever I go and told myself “just in case it will be needed later.” 

Girl Scouting played a major role in who I am today. I became independent and self reliant in a way. Being prepared is not only on material things, it also compasses the possible future that may happen. 

So a continuous learning process and reflection on ones action will make us see things in a perspective leading to where we have to go. 

We are preparing for our future but we have to bear in mind that we should also be living the present. 

We make choices everyday and we should be responsible for it and its consequence because in the end of the day, that is what we are preparing ourselves, taking responsibility of our actions.


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