Sports Photography 

In medicine, we are taught to be well grounded individuals which is we have sporting events aside from weekdays exams and lectures.
Due to my knee injury, I can no longer play basketball, football and softball but this doesn’t stop me from going to sports events and watch the games cause instead of playing I took photos of my classmates during their games.

I’m new to photography using digital cameras with manual lens focus (is it called DSLR camera) which I borrowed from brother. It means it’s my first time taking photos in a moving subjects and in sports. I instrumented a little on how things works as I recall what my brother told me and viola I get these photos.

I took these photos using manual setting. This may not be the best photos but I’m happy with these and hoping to improve more in the future. I’m looking forward to opportunities like this to practice my photography skills. Who knows I can be a photographer of sports companies or even newspaper and magazines.


UP Revenge Over NU

National University was beaten by the University of the Philippines on their second match-up with 3-1. 

There was ball distribution on the side of UP where 3 of their players got the highest point. Bersola, the veteran of the team was the player of the game where she got several block points against Santiago who is currently the main scorer of the NU team.

Along with Bersola are Molde, Buitre and Carlos who did their part with the help of their setter Estrañero and their libero, Dorog.

Heated Action

UAAP Season 79 Women’s Volleyball is so intense that the 6 teams are fighting to be in the top 4. The Ateneo de Manila Lady Eagles lead the pack with 10-2 followed by the De la Salle Lady Spikers with 9-2.

Four teams namely, University of Sto. Tomas, University of the Philippines, National University and Far Eastern University are head to head in getting the remaining two slots. 

There are two games still that these teams will be playing and they will be facing each other which is a must win for these 4 teams to secure a spot in the Top Four.

Betrayal of Public Trust

Philippines is a sovereign country and continued to be. This is because despite of political differences and views they compromise at the middle and work together in facing the issues that may come along the way. 

Due to recent turn out of the events where the Vice President of the Philippines talked badly about the country she represent in front of the United Nation which comprises international communities, many Filipinos felt that the move of the VP is irresponsible and a betrayal of public trust. 

If a government official is not in favor of the methods of the higher ranking official, I believed that he/she must addressed the latter, talked things out and come to a common ground before talking to the media and even to other nations. Protecting the international image of the country is as important as having respect to the people who voted for you. 

In the Philippines however, the most powerful authority there is not the government officials but the persons who paid for their campaigns. Those who belong in the wealthy families were silently pulling the strings in the government. But the moment the current President Rodrigo Dueterte sat into office, the existence of the “strings and puppets” of the so-called oligarchs is threatened. This is why drastic and irresponsible actions are taken by the forces who wanted to take hold of the authority in the government which they no longer have since the President Dueterte refused to be one of the puppets that they can manipulate.

I felt sorry for those “strings and puppets” because they’re like drowning in the ocean they can’t swim their way out and having to gasp for breath just to sustain their existence which won’t last for long. 

The mere presence of the politicians in the government who belong to “strings and puppets” are betrayal of public trust even more if you badmouth your country in front of international relations. 

Two Faced Perspective: Student Athletes

In the Philippines, volleyball popularity began to rise and with this the public is keeping their eyes on their favorites especially now that there is a selection of the national team.

Volleyball athletes are one way or another played in to represent their respective schools. Some athletes started as young as elementary and others were already in highschool. These players were recruited to be part of big universities like those in the UAAP, NCAA that gets television coverage during their games or other universities like in SCUAA and PRISAA. These players that enter collegiate volleyball and representing their respective schools are varsity scholars. They have to work hard in the sport as well as in their academic performance. 

Being a student athlete is not easy. You have to weigh your priorities. School works versus the practices. Games versus Exams are common questionable which is hard to ignore. Seeing that the public now are clamoring over the decision of Ateneo Eagles that they were torn between being in the national with 100% commitment or to continue the rally towards championship in the current UAAP. People criticises them that they’re were also players that are in the UAAP and student too but then they already committed to the national team. First, they may have different courses and one may be demanding in terms of time and effort over the other. Second, the national team is short on the time preparation for the international tournament and they need all the players to be present every practice but since there is an ongoing UAAP more practice sessions will be made and hectic as their schedule is that may mean overfatigue. Third, they presented this topic so that if the national team coaches and staff are still willing to make arrangements with them despite their concerns then they will definitely feel relieved. Lastly, it is every athletes’ dream to represent the country in international tournaments. Athletes in the UAAP also felt the same. Playing their favorite sport and meeting their idols in volleyball are consolation prices as I call it. When the UAAP championship is over I know that 100% commitment will be given by student athletes to the national team. You can’t disregard the thought that these UAAP players prepared for months after the season to come back strong in the next and eventually win the championship would readily set aside the hardwork that they made in order to attain where they are today. We are not the ones who are in position to tell who are deserving or not. We are fans, enthusiasts and critics but we are not in the field like coaches do. We just know the performance of a player but the process is also important which we often not see.

This is true in the case of Roselle Baliton of the University of the East Lady Warrior when she got chosen to be in the national women pool as a setter. The process of converting a middle blocker to a setter is not easy but then Baliton step-up her game and improved. Yes, She may not be the Jia Morado kind of setter but Baliton must have something to offer that the coaching staff saw and would fit the team they were making. Baliton is also a student athlete and having received so much hate and bashes is degrading enough to the morale of tye player not to mention the emotional and paychological stress that comes with it. Baliton is an example of an athlete trying to give a shot on her dream to be part of the national team and pursuing it despite of what others says. She was chosen and she is now living her dreams. This will serve as a motivation for Baliton to prove her worth by showing how well she improved and play her A game in the upcoming games. To the critics, fans and bashers who disapproved Baliton as the setter for the national team, just stop now. The coaching staffs are creating a team that will represent the country and all we have to do is support them and the players. Let us unite under the banner of our nation and acknowledge that we have strong players and that we have a chance to have a podium finish.

Two-Faced Perspective: National Volleyball

One of the hottest issue in the country of the Philippines is the 25 women pool in volleyball who will be the national representative of the country for the upcoming SEA Games and other international tournament.

This is because the fans were ranting on social media about the capacity of the coaching staffs to include talented players whom the people thinks are deserving but didn’t get in. There were inconsistencies in the statements which made things worse.

Let us look at the side of the fans. 

The fans and volleyball enthusiasts look forward to the dream team which the national team will be creating. Players in the likes of Valdez, Reyes, Fajardo, Lazaro, Santiago, Maraño were some players that the public would want and they were lucky enough to be part of the national team. Meanwhile, players like Galang, Gohing and Morado were not in the team despite of the impressive performance in their UAAP career. Fans would want these women to be in the national team since they were promising enough in terms of talent and potentials. Fans only wanted to have a team which can be considered as a dream team of the country in order to have a chance to finish in the podium stand. A fair and square selection process that will provide equal opportunities to all players who wished to represent the country is what the fans are expecting.

But things went crazy when the best setter of the UAAP, Jia Morado, was not included in the list. She was not even given invitation to join the try out which is made for UAAP aspiring players. Morado is one of the best setters in the country, she even has some international exposure when she played the under 23 category for Asian volleyball and in SEA Games. Despite these, she was not included in the pool. What made the public disappointed is when the remarks that she was given the letter personally which according to the player it didn’t happened, same is true with her other teammates which was not given the invitation for try-out.

The coaching staff of the national team emphasized that they will be fair and they have a scoring system that the players would be judged to. No special treatment and try-out is a must. But the fairness, no special treatment and try-out were omitted according to some since the staff got the tallest players of the leagues. They even handpicked players who didn’t try-out and a special try-out will be held to some players especially the Ateneo players like Morado, Madayag and Tolentino. Although Madayag and Tolentino were being recruited to be in the national team already. 

The credibility and fairness are important in creating a team because it will be the foundation of the team. It will create a mindset that they were chozen to represent the country because of their talent and hardwork and not otherwise.

What can we do now? Now that the team is set despite of the issue about the players and selection process, we should support the national team. It is a learning process for the coaching staffs to have a better system in choosing the players. They should be open and honest to the public because the too have the right to know since it’s people’s money that they are all spending.

I think the public will acknowledged and respect more if the governing body released a statement saying that the players will be selected based on coach preferences and chemistry of the team without talks about a system of fairness, equal opportunity  and special treatment. Just like saying that “whoever’s the coach wants then be it. no questions asked.” direct and transparent. 

If you don’t like it then you have to work hard and be a coach and choose your own team instead but if you’re not in that position yet, you have to just accept, wait and see. These words are plain and simple but you know that the person saying this means business and not politics.

Fans have always things to say. They have the right since they too are paying for the taxes that the country is spending for things like this. It is a matter of telling and informing the public the direction on where there beloved sport is headed. Public trust is important in national event like this. 

So to the officials of the governing body of the volleyball association, as a concerned citizen, this I tell you, You have to envision your goals, create a concrete plan and follow it into details.

More of Two Faced Perspective on the players viewpoint and the staff as well will be posted later this week. 

Movie Lover

I have watch this movie and I’m loving it. This is one of those movies which I was excited ever since I watched the trailer. 

The most anticipated movie and it didn’t fall short of my expectation. The actors and actresses were great. The story was okay but the writers made sure that the movie is interesting and it was, even better.

Usually when I watch movies I predict what will happen about the story as if I’m the writer and the director at the same time. I got the twist wrong (slightly wrong if that even matter). Anyways, I have a great time watching.

These two got chemistry and I liked that the girl is not the typical soft and damsel in distress. The guy also cool in a lot of ways.

Looking forward to movies like this.

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