Sound Mind and Body

Mental health issues are getting its fair share of publicity nowadays. Thanks to war on drugs campaign which made the people face their own “demons” whom they struggle to suppress, hide or contain. For all those times that these people are in so much pain which they usually don’t admit but whatever reasons they have it made them to do unwise decisions.

Let’s go back to the root of all these drugs and criminalities. Let’s look at the people behind those words and deeds and ask “what made them do what they did?” And I’ll bet that the bottomline is because they were having problems. These includes joblessness, financial burden, marital relations, children upbringing, social factors and this list is never ending. These happen to all of us at some point but what separate us from them is the choices that we’ve made and the attitude towards overcoming the problems that may come in the way.

So let us gave them that choice and offer them our help. Counseling is so technical for some but it only means to have a listening ear and interact with them as they share their lives to you. They sometimes ask what to do next but you just have to let them decide for themselves. Living by example and shaping our perception about the things in our surrounding such that positivity will radiate from each one of us.

Mental health of people is so important because nobody knows how you feel inside unless you let them to. You can be having a smile to cover the hurt and pain you are in. So we should first be bear in minds that people have faces, names and feelings that a simple gestures of compassion will eventually make a difference.


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