Ateneo Leads

After the Ateneo de Manila University versus University of the Philippines match-up where Ateneo Lady Eagles won in straight sets they now lead the group along side with the De La Salle University with 5-1.

Ateneo heartfelt win against the undefeated team so far,UP Lady Maroons, they leave no room for mistakes as they evidently lower their error against the strong UP squad.

UP on the other hand committed many mistakes from the first set until the last where they only got 14, 19, 21pts in the first, second and third set respectively. 

Ateneo now getting ready to face another rival who got the last year UAAP title. Who will win? That’s the question we can’t answer but two things for sure.

One, would be they will all be prepared coming in to the game. And second, they will be giving us a great time.


Having Children

I came across the quotation ” having one child makes you a parent but having two children makes you a referee.”

I’ll add to that. Having three or four children makes you conductor of a trio or a quartet. Having five children makes you a basketball coach. Six children makes you a volleyball coach, seven you will have a libero in a volleyball team. Having eight does you one less than to be in a softball team. Nine makes your team complete. And ten makes you a coach of a full line-up basketball team with second stringers.

This is what children make of you. To be an all around parent to be able to provide what they need and hone their potential on what they can achieve.

And Beyond

Let’s take a break from sports news and updates and appreciate what Mother Nature is giving us. 

Flowers bloom when they felt warm and supported by the environment they live in. Just like humans, the surrounding play a role in molding the personality and well being of an individual.

Let’s stop abuse of any forms and promote healthy and good relationship with one another because together we can do great things.

Gotta Know This

I came across this plant which catches my attention in my father’s backyard. I asked him the name of this plant but I’m still puzzled by the kind of it that I forget the local term. 

Even though my I knew what is its local term, I need the international or even the scientific name of this to research more about this beautiful and intriguing creature.