High Hopes

Even when I was a kid, I dreamed of going to different places and meeting new people. 

Then, there comes school which opened my mind to art, architecture, culture, language and appreciation of sceneries.

I told myself that one day I’ll travel the world. I was amazed and still am by the beauty of nature here in the different islands of the Philippines. 

Aside from traveling on my home nation, I would like to go to South Korea  because of KPOP phenomenon, to experience their culture and hoping to meet Kpop stars and groups.

Europe is also on the top of my list because of its scenic views, culture and art, architecture and because the I would like to know more about the history, food, flora and fauna of the different places in Europe. I would also like to explore the flower and perfume industry of the countries in Europe. 

Though I’m a little short on money and time because of school, I’m looking forward to my future trip. I have high hopes that I’ll be able to make one of my dreams come true.


Artistic Sense

What do you see? A blot? A smear?
What I see is a man, or a sea under the sun. 

It’s a matter of perspective. Showing an artistic side of things.

Life Lesson: Bookmark

When my sister and I are roaming around the city, this caught my attention on one of the stores we went into and bought it right away. I got one for her and another for me. 

Since I have plenty of books compared to her which means I have a lot to study and topics to cover, mine were gone after a month or two. She offered the half of her part to me but my need for it is much higher than hers so in the end she gave me the other half.

Lesson of the story: if you like something and it is one of your needs in the near future you better have it, enough to sustain your demands. Law of Supply and Demands applies.