Year Ender Message

Green Plains lighted by the sunset is a scenery only be found in rural areas. 

Before the year ends, let me greet you all Happy New Year. This year is like the green plains where everything’s seems clear and abundant but there is a side where things doesn’t go well as planned. 

Nevertheless, these made the whole picture admirable. The little things that are present in 2016, whether good or bad, contributed to what I am and what I will be in the future. This is year is about acceptance, facing challenges head on and never giving up.

Let’s have a Prosperous New Year and Celebrate happiness and love.


Bulls over Cavaliers

Chicago Bulls won during the game with Cleveland Cavaliers. The latter got their third consecutive loss.

Dwayne Wade lead the Bulls to victory in facing the current Champs.

Thompson Got The Half

Golden State Warriors faces Indiana Pacers with 80-50 by the end of the first half with Klay Thompson obtaining 40pts on December 6, 2016. 
During the first quarter, it is evident that Stephen Curry is well guarded and thus creating opportunity to his team members to step-up.

And his “Splash Brother” Klay Thompson got the message and perform well in the said quarter.

With the help of Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and other Warriors, fast break play of Klay Thompson was raining. The team got 15 assists in the end of the first quarter. 

Klay Thompson was unstoppable and gained 40 pts by the end of 2nd quarter. Half of the points of his team in the game by the end of the second half was his.

Evolution: Time for Change

This blog was supposed to be about sports and the players but I’ve realized after reviewing the post I’ve made that it was not all about that rather it depicts my feelings, my stand on issues and the things I wanted to share to my readers. With this I added BEYOND in my Sports Analysis making it Sports Analysis and Beyond by Claire G.

I started with no followers just like everybody else. My passion in writing lead me to slowly gain followers which made me happy. I know that 14 isn’t that much compared to others which consists of hundreds but I’ll try to give quality post for my readers. Thank you.

Mr. Church 

I am a fan of Eddie Murphy because of the quality and story his movies. I equate his image in the movies he made as humorous and compelling. 

As far as I know, I’ve watched almost if not all of his movies and he is versatility shows in movies like this among others.

Since his movie Mr. Church has recently been released I’ll talk about it more because of the fact that it awaken different emotions. I applause the director, producer and writers of this piece which I believe is one of the best movie there is about equality, respect and love of all forms. 

Believe me when I say that only a few movies left me crying and some would ache my heart as I hold back tears (because that’s my cycle I try to hold back years as much as I could but if all fails I’ll be crying even after the movie ends) and Mr. Church came close to it and its a complement. 

The story depicts the story of a girl who loves her mother to the point of hating her for leaving. A girl who hate the new and only cook they have. It is about Friendship, Changes, Love and Respect which presents in various forms. I highly recommend this movie.