“I support drugs”

In the Philippines, illegal drug issues are big news which lasted for about three days or so. Drug lords and their protectors were revealed and the public has mixed comments about it.

But the drugs I’m about to tell you are not prohibited rather they’re yet to be discovered and I support the researches for drugs to rare diseases.

Yes, because of the rarity of the disease entity and the small market for these drugs, some companies didn’t want to invest on drug development of these.

Granting that these companies can make a cure or alleviate some symptoms of rare diseases, it doesn’t mean that it can be affordable to all especially to people who barely meet their daily needs. It is a lost battle in a winning game for people to needs it.

So what will we do about it?

We have to promote researches on rare diseases. If it is possible for the government to fund these innovations. And if development will be successful it will be affordable and even subsidized by the government. I know it’s a lot to ask or recommend but it will definitely benefit the people who are responsible for paying the taxes you’re redirecting to fund researches such as this.

Rare diseases without cure yet really caught my attention after hearing the word “drugs.” I hope that not only rare diseases but also those that are common which have no effective and approved drugs yet to have readily available and affordable ones that are effective.

Illegal drugs may be the problem of the country right now but let’s also remember that drugs, the ones that are sregulated and approved by the BFAD or FDA, are important too to our countrymen who has some  illnesses that need medication and attention.



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