Blogging, You and Me

When I heard of blogging, it made me wonder what it is. What I’ve learned in my short searches that it can make you some money and all you have to do is write. So I say, why not try it. Then I entered WordPress, Blogger and any platform that may pop-up when I wrote blogging. Upon making, I realized that you have to have money to have a private site and I don’t have some so I choose the fee free ones.

I got excited but I don’t know what to write so I said to myself, “write everything under the sun” and I did. Few months and a year has passed I checked the views and the people reading my post are only a few. I deleted the account and made this.

I intend to have specialized niches for my blog depending on the topic but I can’t help myself to share my not so random thoughts to a few readers who are following me in this blog. You may not know me personally but you appreciated my posts and follow me so thank you for your support. This is for you. For the likes, visits and views of my blog I really appreciate it. May we continue this for the years to come and hopefully we’ll grow together.


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