Defensive Practice

Social media creates a platform for virtual communication. It can reach the different parts of the world and may be in writing, photos or videos.

Little things spread like a wildfire in social media and comments came from all over the world. These things were made into bigger issues and later produce criticism.

Criticism can either be constructive or destructive. It can make or break the confidence of other people and it affects the long term practice of the person concerned.

With the advent of phones and built-in video application, the truth now is relative. Those who were holding the video recordings appeared to be right which is why when a person knows he is being recorded or even followed they intend to be defensive.

Defensive in a way that they take unnecessary precaution even before the simple events happened. They became extra careful that often than not get on the way of his primary duties. This is now happening everywhere. It will come to a point where people will not take any risk and it can cause a thing or even a life.

Let’s not take this lightly. Let us boost the confidence of people who serves us by giving greetings or saying thank you. These words may be simple but it is powerful enough that it can lighten the heavy heart of the person who choose to give his service to his fellowmen.



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