Bullying in different forms

Everything started from something. It may be an experience or witnessed situation. Bullying is one of those issues that people from the  minority are  fighting against everyday.

Sad to say that despite of the laws and bills that were made yet it still exists. It presents in different forms and evolves through time and medium.

In ’90s people uses remarks and usually made some songs which is directed towards someone to irritate them. It is for fun, they say but for those who receives this, it is not.

Nowadays, with the advances in technology and the invention of internet people were given harsh remarks from others who barely knew them and in an instant it can goes viral. Some misunderstandings can’t be solved because people intend to vent out their feelings in the social media which makes the issue bigger instead of telling the person concerned face to face. People judge others through their appearance and how they present themselves. Being different sometimes give you the spotlight for others to talk about. These acts are forms of bullying in my own view.

It is evolving fast and it now covers the different medium of  media communication. People often forgot the importance of interpersonal relations where you have to face other people in the physical world instead of the virtual kind. Bullying can only be stop if everyone of us must be responsible of our actions and take consideration of others feeling because despite of our differences we still are humans and we all have emotions.

So before you talk, think. Ask yourself, “will I be hurt if someone said this to me?” And if the answer is yes, then don’t do it. Let’s hold true to the golden rule “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you.”



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