Lesson in Nature


Life is like this plant, there will be a flower that blooms and bud that is waiting for its turn.

The reason why we are born in different times is the same reason the plant would bloom, it is because of mystery. As we all know not every question requires an answer, sometimes we just have to have faith and follow what we know is the right thing to do.



Philippines in Bronze

After the ASEAN University Games in Singapore, Philippine Women’s Volleyball Team went home with a bronze defeating the host nation, Singapore, in a 3-2 set.

It was a close match between the two teams but the Philippine team represented by the Ateneo Blue Eagles with their team captain and the face of Philippine volleyball Alyssa Valdez.

The team went against Thailand and Indonesia where they got 0-3  sets. They showed their passion to the sports and to their fans who supported and cheered for them taking away the home court advantage of Singapore as Filipino supporters echoed their voices in the gym where the game was held.

There is always room for improvement and and the Philippine Team knows that which is why engaging in international competition like this can boost confidence and inspire athletes to give their best and make their country proud.


Philippines Relative Performance

Philippine team Gila’s Pilipinas gave a great show against France whose rank is on the top 5 worldwide in the field of basketball on the first day of Olympic Qualifying Games.

There fans expected them to rise once more in the do or die game with New Zealand on the 2nd day of the qualifying games but the Gilas team who almost beaten the France team was not as the fans expected to perform.

Personally, I didn’t saw the France and Philippine teams live game but I saw the replay and the aggressiveness, speed and confidence was there despite the fact that the NBA players are in the line-up of team France.

I took the time to watch live on television the game of Philippines and New Zealand and I was disappointed because I know they can do better.

These are the points I would like to note:
First, the Gilas players have some hesitation during the game. They could made some shots but they didn’t took it and I wonder why.

Second, all I see was dribbling exhibition among players. It is important to pass the ball to whoever is free but some players didn’t pass it instead they showcase their dribbling skills which cause them a ball possession and some points.

Third, basics of the game is important as well as stepping-up the game and your play to get the needed points to win the game, did the players forget this? Maybe because of the pressure they’re in.

I know that the Gilas Team did their best to bring honor to the country but they fell short. Although they lost which is understandable, I hope that more than experience the team would mature and gain consistency in their performances. Also to the sports committee of the country to have laws and regulations that supports and nurture the talents of younger generations not only in basketball but all sporting events in order to achieve excellence and bring honor to the country through sports.

Let this be a venue for growth of our athletes and for the government to take a closer look for what’s needed to be addressed for a future with quality trained athletes.

They are humans too

Sometimes it is not you think it is.

It is accustomed to people to say what they feel but their is a boundary to that. It stops when the right of another starts and that is freedom. Let us be considerate to people who dedicated their life to serve people like us. Their jobs are not simple. They made life changing decisions and they’re hold accountable to whatever happens so we have to show them compassion as what they have shown us.