In any sports I know, there’s always a play that will change the game. It may be bold moves, aggressive or the deadliest of all the silent ones. These are made by players who are brave enough to step-up from their usual games and players who made a right choice at the right time. Sports is not always about talent, diligence or skills because in a game there’s a powerful word called timing.

Patience is a virtue as what they say and it’s true. There is a time for everything and in the right moment having the right play will surely make a difference. But players nowadays are very impatient and it shows in their performance. They may be great in the sports they’re in but if you lack patience then your talents will not be able to reach its full potential.

Let this be a reminder to all students, sports enthusiasts and players. Loving your sports and living it is a two different thing. Loving means you enjoy the game and all that comes with it but Living is what happens after the game ended. Be a better player who is patient, diligent and responsible. Be a real sportsman.