Lady Warriors and Lady Maroons Opened the Season 78 Women’s Volleyball

University of the East Lady Warriors fought against the team who rose from dormancy during last year’s season, University of the Philippines Lady Maroons.

In the first set, both teams have a fighting chance of beating each other. It was so close during the first part of the set that long rally and hard earned points were rewarded until when Lady Maroons took advantage of the unforced errors of the Lady Warriors and run away with the first set 25-20 and later the match win a straight win, 3-0.

Lady Warriors seems to be improving from the coverage and blocks and the opponent seems to be having a difficult time earning points and that is good. This team should not be feel pressured to win because they have nothing to lose in every game but there’s more to gain and that is Experience.

Reality speaking, they were in the bottom of the list last season even after the preparations done and the only way they have to go is up. That should be the mentality they should think, for now, to be better. They should apply what their coach is teaching and improve themselves. That is not to impress other people but to make your mentors proud that everything they taught you in traning are being practiced in the tournament, a reflection that they were effective in training you tobe better and reach your full potential.

Hoping that UE Lady Warriors will realize this and be inspired. You’re not playing for yourself but for your team, your school so give it your all in the tournamet.

Lady Maroons on the other hand is doing great so far. They have some errors, the recovery and adjustments were a bit slow but this means they still have rooms for improvement. The blockings and coverage is also good other than the attacks and plays. As Bersola returns to the team it shows progress. The coaching team is doing their job right because their team executes what they needed to do.

This season will be fun. All the team have potentials and any team can be in the top 4. We’ll be looking forward to it and to be updated just look for Sports Analyst or better yet watch @abs-cbn sports and action.


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