Ateneo Lady Eagles and National University Lady Bulldogs, Ready to take on the challenge

There were many off season games nowadays where players and team can test what they have learned in their trainings anc make adjustments to be a better team. But this is just a start of the process, what really matters is what they will be going to perform in the UAAP Women’s Volleyball in order to make their schools proud.

This coming January 31, two of the best team in the league will be facing each other. These are the Ateneo Lady Eagles and National University Lady Bulldogs.

There were many spiculations whether one team became stronger than the other or one team just trains their reserve players during the off season game.

There’s what I think. In Lady Eagles, there have been an indespensible loss when Den den Lazaro, the libero, graduated to the team. This maybe a good news or not for the team. Good news in the sense that they may be able to show new faces in court who can take on the challenge and apply what they have trained to do. The trained libero can stay for another 2-3 years in the team which means another good game to expect.

Not so good if the player can’t handle the pressure not only of the school or the team but all Ateneo fans. If the libero presence can’t be felt other players will compensate this weakness having others to work harder and this is bad news because the core dynamics of the team will be disrupted and this will turn into errors.

Being a Libero for the team doesn’t mean you have to be invisible or the sixth person down the list but being a libero means your presence alone can be felt by your teammates. That they can count on you to cover the grounds which they can’t and they trust you enough to perform your best and you are able to show them what you really mean on the team.

In the case of Lady Bulldogs, they have been consistent somehow in their games but usually they came up short. You know what, this may be because some players uses their feelings in the game rather than their head. I’m not saying having feelings is bad but if it is frustration, anger and disappointment it usually is. Some of the player can’t hold their composture in the court and the negative feelings they have gets on their nerves leaving them disorganized. The team has great players where some represent the Philippines in the Under 23 and Sea Games Volleyball tournament and they have  to use these advantage by having plays intended for new players to step-up.

I know you may think it doesn’t make sense,having players who belong to the national team and not give them frequent plays? But to remind you they have to go against the team who were almost all of their first 6 are in the national team and it is expected that NU Lady Bulldogs will have to go for those with high percentage but it is important to involve other players of the team. This is to confuse the defense of the other team because they would think you’ll always go for the veteran players but you gave it to new players. This will become an advantage of the team aside from the coach who were once training the opposing team before he was in his current team.

All I can say is this, January 31 will be a game which I won’t miss to start the UAAP Season 78 of the Women’s Volleyball.

For updates, reviews and comments about UAAP Season 78 Women’s Volleyball just visit Sports Analyst or better yet abs-cbn sports and action where games were live.



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