DLSU Lady Spikers Take on FEU Lady Tamaraws

De la Salle Lady Spikers will be facing a team, Far Eastern University Lady Tamaraws, who were once a champion and are ready to claim another title just like them.

This will be an interesting match between two great teams who proven to be improving every single game.

Though there are things I’m sure that they made adjustments from the looks of the last season’s game.

Both teams have dynamics but to be on the top, every player has to be consistent and know how to step up when the team needs it.

They should take on their roles as important as the others because in the end it’s not who got the point but how each player performed together that got the team a point.

It’s about the team and its players. To achieve maximum capacity of the players, they have to connect to each other and learn to trust each other aside from practice and more practice.

These were probably obvious observation but people often forgets the obvious and someone should remind them sometimes.

And I’m looking forward to the great game this January 30.



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