UAAP Volleyball Action: Coming Soon

University Athletic Association of the Philippines had their opening last September 5 for Season 78. This is late compared to the previous season schedule which was due to the change in the enrollment schedule of the participating universities.

Basketball already started its season and Far Eastern University (FEU) Tamaraws emerged as the champion. FEU who fought against University of Santo Tomas (UST) Tigers in the championship last December 2 reclaimed the trophy after 10 years.

Now that the basketball games ended for Season 78, it is time for some volleyball action which will start on January  30.Here are some of my own opinions about the competing teams.

University of the East will Take on Adamson University on the opening game of the season.

University of the East (Red Warrior) players are good but there are much better teams in the league which is why they should improve in every game they’re playing. In the past Red Warriors was in the bottom spot of the list but let not this define your team. You’ve all work hard in preparing for the season so apply the knowledge you’ve got and constantly communicate with each other. For the players, your attitude will matter in the game whether you’ll win or not. Say you’ll win and believe it otherwise you’re just saying lies and liar never wins. Just improve on your coordination and team dynamics then it’s a start. Veteran players should level-up their game and encourage other players to step-up too. Be an example to inspire and ignite your team spirit.

Adamson University (Falcons) is one of the team that has great potential. They have to know the strength of each player and know how and when to activate those. The team must improve on their consistency and composure during the game. They must maintain the level of play they are givin. Even if you are in the losing end because it doesn’t always mean that your team already lost but you have to keep in mind that the game is just starting and you’re feeling warmed up so you have to show them that by making better plays and going always for the ball, making impossible possible. The team must also address the mindset they are having if faced with a tough contenders. If your team is not in the big four last year then you don’t have much to lose this year but much to gain. Play your game as if this is play-offs and each plays should analyze themselves in all their previous games and improve them. It is not just the job of your coaching staff but it is your responsibility as a player. It is important to have confidence not just in yourself but to your teammates. Encourage each other and maintain your energy throughout the game. Be a responsible athlete by playing your best and not giving-up.

These were my suggestions and opinions based on what I’ve seen in the past 3 season of UAAP volleyball. If the players will take this into consideration then they have a chance to be better if not the best player that they can be.

In sports, players’ attitude matters because it will determine their mindset in playing the game. Just remember the reasons why you play and why you keep on playing. Gain confidence by encouraging one another because that’s how team works.



To know more about the schedule just visit here.

#UAAP Volleyball: Adamson University VS. University of the East


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