Kobe Bryant Retiring After 20 Years of Basketball Action

Kobe Bryant is a man of many achievements in the field of basketball. He has numerous titles like 5 time NBA Champion, 2 time NBA Finals MVP, 17 times NBA All-Star, 4 time NBA All-Star Game MVP and alike but that was just a part of him.

His respect and passion for the game made him whole as an athlete, a player and as a person. His 20 years of experience touched a lot of people especially the avid basketball fans who looked up to him. Some people if not most would agree if I say he is an NBA Legend second from Michael Jordan.

In the field of any sport there will be times where controversies are tailing an athlete and Bryant wasn’t spared from it. He at some point have haters and critics but he did not let those harsh comments define him and the way he played the game.

An athlete, a player for almost 20 years in a particular sport who enjoys every minute of being the the court as the fans did on the sides, he undergone different challenges and one of the most difficult was when he decided to retire.

But this doesn’t stop his passion for the game. He may or may not be playing in the future but he is definitely playing now in the 2015-2016 NBA Season. Let us celebrate every minute we’ve got with him in our screens as he plays for his Team L.A. Lakers.


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