Lady Warriors and Lady Maroons Opened the Season 78 Women’s Volleyball

University of the East Lady Warriors fought against the team who rose from dormancy during last year’s season, University of the Philippines Lady Maroons.

In the first set, both teams have a fighting chance of beating each other. It was so close during the first part of the set that long rally and hard earned points were rewarded until when Lady Maroons took advantage of the unforced errors of the Lady Warriors and run away with the first set 25-20 and later the match win a straight win, 3-0.

Lady Warriors seems to be improving from the coverage and blocks and the opponent seems to be having a difficult time earning points and that is good. This team should not be feel pressured to win because they have nothing to lose in every game but there’s more to gain and that is Experience.

Reality speaking, they were in the bottom of the list last season even after the preparations done and the only way they have to go is up. That should be the mentality they should think, for now, to be better. They should apply what their coach is teaching and improve themselves. That is not to impress other people but to make your mentors proud that everything they taught you in traning are being practiced in the tournament, a reflection that they were effective in training you tobe better and reach your full potential.

Hoping that UE Lady Warriors will realize this and be inspired. You’re not playing for yourself but for your team, your school so give it your all in the tournamet.

Lady Maroons on the other hand is doing great so far. They have some errors, the recovery and adjustments were a bit slow but this means they still have rooms for improvement. The blockings and coverage is also good other than the attacks and plays. As Bersola returns to the team it shows progress. The coaching team is doing their job right because their team executes what they needed to do.

This season will be fun. All the team have potentials and any team can be in the top 4. We’ll be looking forward to it and to be updated just look for Sports Analyst or better yet watch @abs-cbn sports and action.


Ateneo Lady Eagles and National University Lady Bulldogs, Ready to take on the challenge

There were many off season games nowadays where players and team can test what they have learned in their trainings anc make adjustments to be a better team. But this is just a start of the process, what really matters is what they will be going to perform in the UAAP Women’s Volleyball in order to make their schools proud.

This coming January 31, two of the best team in the league will be facing each other. These are the Ateneo Lady Eagles and National University Lady Bulldogs.

There were many spiculations whether one team became stronger than the other or one team just trains their reserve players during the off season game.

There’s what I think. In Lady Eagles, there have been an indespensible loss when Den den Lazaro, the libero, graduated to the team. This maybe a good news or not for the team. Good news in the sense that they may be able to show new faces in court who can take on the challenge and apply what they have trained to do. The trained libero can stay for another 2-3 years in the team which means another good game to expect.

Not so good if the player can’t handle the pressure not only of the school or the team but all Ateneo fans. If the libero presence can’t be felt other players will compensate this weakness having others to work harder and this is bad news because the core dynamics of the team will be disrupted and this will turn into errors.

Being a Libero for the team doesn’t mean you have to be invisible or the sixth person down the list but being a libero means your presence alone can be felt by your teammates. That they can count on you to cover the grounds which they can’t and they trust you enough to perform your best and you are able to show them what you really mean on the team.

In the case of Lady Bulldogs, they have been consistent somehow in their games but usually they came up short. You know what, this may be because some players uses their feelings in the game rather than their head. I’m not saying having feelings is bad but if it is frustration, anger and disappointment it usually is. Some of the player can’t hold their composture in the court and the negative feelings they have gets on their nerves leaving them disorganized. The team has great players where some represent the Philippines in the Under 23 and Sea Games Volleyball tournament and they have  to use these advantage by having plays intended for new players to step-up.

I know you may think it doesn’t make sense,having players who belong to the national team and not give them frequent plays? But to remind you they have to go against the team who were almost all of their first 6 are in the national team and it is expected that NU Lady Bulldogs will have to go for those with high percentage but it is important to involve other players of the team. This is to confuse the defense of the other team because they would think you’ll always go for the veteran players but you gave it to new players. This will become an advantage of the team aside from the coach who were once training the opposing team before he was in his current team.

All I can say is this, January 31 will be a game which I won’t miss to start the UAAP Season 78 of the Women’s Volleyball.

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DLSU Lady Spikers Take on FEU Lady Tamaraws

De la Salle Lady Spikers will be facing a team, Far Eastern University Lady Tamaraws, who were once a champion and are ready to claim another title just like them.

This will be an interesting match between two great teams who proven to be improving every single game.

Though there are things I’m sure that they made adjustments from the looks of the last season’s game.

Both teams have dynamics but to be on the top, every player has to be consistent and know how to step up when the team needs it.

They should take on their roles as important as the others because in the end it’s not who got the point but how each player performed together that got the team a point.

It’s about the team and its players. To achieve maximum capacity of the players, they have to connect to each other and learn to trust each other aside from practice and more practice.

These were probably obvious observation but people often forgets the obvious and someone should remind them sometimes.

And I’m looking forward to the great game this January 30.


Sports of Chess

Some would say chess is not a sport. It is just a game that players would move their pieces and nothing else. It’s not a tiring game unlike other sports that you always have sweats after every game. It isn’t that hard , all you have to do is to to know the basics which includes the movement of the pieces and the goal of the game. Anybody can do that. Chess isn’t special not even a sport so why play? Some would laugh most of the time and agree with what is being said by others who doesn’t know how the Game of Chess works.

Yes , I would say chess is not a sport because chess is a lifestyle. It is a game where players move their pieces through their minds. Isn’t it amazing? It is not tiring but it really is draining. The feeling that only the chess enthusiasts have the previlege. It isn’t hard because it is nerve wrecking. The basics of chess pieces movement require a day or two know and get the hang of it but to master it requires years of practice. The goal on the other hand is simple to capture the king of the opponent. Simple right? Now, the real question there is how? Anybody can do that, thinking, but can you execute it well enough to have the result according to plan? Can anybody adapt to everchanging possibilities? I don’t think so.

Yes, chess isn’t special because it is more than that. It is the backbone of all sports games. Its principles can be applied to all kind of sports. Why play? We don’t. We live.

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Warriors run away with a victory from Sacramento Kings

Golden State Warriors lead by the Splash Brothers, Curry and Thompson, won against the Kings.

Stephen Curry together with Green were the high scorers of their team while the Kings was lead by Marcos Cousin and Gay.

They both lead their respective team. The game was a close fight since the first quarter which the Warriors are down by 1 in the end of the quarter.

In the second quarter, Warriors got the lead from the Kings but the latter didn’t easily gave in which makes the score almost tied up.

3rd quarter was also very close, the 3 point shooting of the Warriors warmed up which game them the biggest lead of 12pts. Kings immediately took over with a quiet a run slimming the lead of the Warriors to 6.

In the last quarter, Kings heated up their 3 points shot coming from Bellinelli,Rondo and Cousins but in the last 2 minutes of the game where both teams were fighting their hearts out, Warriors remained composed with their plays and making points out of nothing which made them won the game.


UAAP Volleyball Action: Coming Soon

University Athletic Association of the Philippines had their opening last September 5 for Season 78. This is late compared to the previous season schedule which was due to the change in the enrollment schedule of the participating universities.

Basketball already started its season and Far Eastern University (FEU) Tamaraws emerged as the champion. FEU who fought against University of Santo Tomas (UST) Tigers in the championship last December 2 reclaimed the trophy after 10 years.

Now that the basketball games ended for Season 78, it is time for some volleyball action which will start on January  30.Here are some of my own opinions about the competing teams.

University of the East will Take on Adamson University on the opening game of the season.

University of the East (Red Warrior) players are good but there are much better teams in the league which is why they should improve in every game they’re playing. In the past Red Warriors was in the bottom spot of the list but let not this define your team. You’ve all work hard in preparing for the season so apply the knowledge you’ve got and constantly communicate with each other. For the players, your attitude will matter in the game whether you’ll win or not. Say you’ll win and believe it otherwise you’re just saying lies and liar never wins. Just improve on your coordination and team dynamics then it’s a start. Veteran players should level-up their game and encourage other players to step-up too. Be an example to inspire and ignite your team spirit.

Adamson University (Falcons) is one of the team that has great potential. They have to know the strength of each player and know how and when to activate those. The team must improve on their consistency and composure during the game. They must maintain the level of play they are givin. Even if you are in the losing end because it doesn’t always mean that your team already lost but you have to keep in mind that the game is just starting and you’re feeling warmed up so you have to show them that by making better plays and going always for the ball, making impossible possible. The team must also address the mindset they are having if faced with a tough contenders. If your team is not in the big four last year then you don’t have much to lose this year but much to gain. Play your game as if this is play-offs and each plays should analyze themselves in all their previous games and improve them. It is not just the job of your coaching staff but it is your responsibility as a player. It is important to have confidence not just in yourself but to your teammates. Encourage each other and maintain your energy throughout the game. Be a responsible athlete by playing your best and not giving-up.

These were my suggestions and opinions based on what I’ve seen in the past 3 season of UAAP volleyball. If the players will take this into consideration then they have a chance to be better if not the best player that they can be.

In sports, players’ attitude matters because it will determine their mindset in playing the game. Just remember the reasons why you play and why you keep on playing. Gain confidence by encouraging one another because that’s how team works.



To know more about the schedule just visit here.

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Kobe Bryant Retiring After 20 Years of Basketball Action

Kobe Bryant is a man of many achievements in the field of basketball. He has numerous titles like 5 time NBA Champion, 2 time NBA Finals MVP, 17 times NBA All-Star, 4 time NBA All-Star Game MVP and alike but that was just a part of him.

His respect and passion for the game made him whole as an athlete, a player and as a person. His 20 years of experience touched a lot of people especially the avid basketball fans who looked up to him. Some people if not most would agree if I say he is an NBA Legend second from Michael Jordan.

In the field of any sport there will be times where controversies are tailing an athlete and Bryant wasn’t spared from it. He at some point have haters and critics but he did not let those harsh comments define him and the way he played the game.

An athlete, a player for almost 20 years in a particular sport who enjoys every minute of being the the court as the fans did on the sides, he undergone different challenges and one of the most difficult was when he decided to retire.

But this doesn’t stop his passion for the game. He may or may not be playing in the future but he is definitely playing now in the 2015-2016 NBA Season. Let us celebrate every minute we’ve got with him in our screens as he plays for his Team L.A. Lakers.


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